Wholesale Only ! Min. 50 Items

Shipping policy

Shipping & Handling charges are US$35 for first 70 items and US$8 for each additional 50 items.

For example, if you buy 60 items the shipping charges will be US$35, if you buy 110 items the shipping charges will be US$43. 

Goods are shipped via leading courier companies like DHL, UPS etc. We ship within 1-2 days after order is received. Delivery is generally within 5-10 business days worldwide after shipping. In rare cases it may take up to 3 weeks for delivery depending upon the destinations and customs regulations in your country. Each item is individually packed securely with quality products to help ensure safe and undamaged delivery. When payment is made your order is processed immediately. You are informed immediately after shipping.

Important: Your shipment on arrival may be subjected to Import duty imposed by customs department of your country. Please check with your regional customs office for precise charges before placing your order.