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Welcome to Silver Star Jewels!

You will find beautiful handcrafted wholesale sterling silver jewelry from highly skilled in-house silversmiths here. All the items are 925 solid sterling silver with natural gemstones. If you retail jewelry through a physical or online store requiring more variety than quantity, you have come to the right place.

Our commitment to your complete satisfaction remains the same throughout our 40+ years of doing business with retailers and volume purchasers around the world. We provide high-quality products, outstanding customer service, great prices, and speedy shipping. Our silver jewelry lines have proven consistently profitable for many customers worldwide.

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You have reasons to buy from us

You will be buying from direct manufacturer, not a trader. So you enjoy best possible prices and better quality control because being a manufacturer we don’t have to depend on somebody to control the quality and purity.

You will be choosing from a huge selection of Earrings and Pendants enabling you to select the items for your very own target market.

You will be buying from live stock. We stock everything we sell. Your order is shipped immediately after you complete the purchase.

This is a wholesale only website. We have kept our minimum very low at 50 items in one time, just to differentiate consumers from sellers. There is no total minimum value required. There is no resale certificate number required.

You will be buying from a family owned business exporting jewelry since 1978, so you are assured for personalized service.

Your will be buying from an 11 years eBay Powerseller with more than 99% positive feedback. So trust is never an issue.

You will be paying on a secure PayPal page so we will never know your credit card number or other confidential information.

What Customers Say !

“I didn’t even imagine that my goods will be delivered to my doorstep within 5 days all the way from India. Thank you so much for shipping my order quickly. I got it today. I pray the goods sell well”

Lynn Bell, United Kingdom

What Customers Say !

“Hello Mr. Agarwal, I just wanted to tell you that everything I received was beyond my expectation. You are just a great seller”

Mark Tipker, Netherlands

What Customers Say !

“Otrzymałem biżuterii i kocham wszystko. Masz wyjątkową kolekcję kolczyki i wisiorki. Mam nadzieję, że je dobrze sprzedać”

Anna Komender, Poland

What Customers Say !

“I bought all my life from the local wholesale jewelry market for my online retail store but never found jewelry that looked real. All that is sold here is machine made that doesn’t have any appeal. Your items would add glamour to my store. Thanks.”

Lam Kui, Hong Kong

What Customers Say !

“thank you for your quick service! thank you for shipping them by ups for an additional amount! It saved my time. thakn you for making everything so personalized!” -

Sara Lang, United States

What Customers Say !

“thank you for making my customized order. I have a special market and I need something different. I am happy even I had to order more quantities than I need. That’a worth it.”

Anne Henschel, USA

What Customers Say !

“Je vais acheter plus de vous. Chaque élément est si élégant. Je vais vendre des millions de vos articles.” -

Monique Jeanneson, France

What Customers Say !

“Thanks for providing me so many matching earrings and pendants. I searched many wholesalers here is SA, I found earrings and pendants individual but not the matching designs. Now I have 75 complete sets of earrings and pendants to show to my customers."

S. Scheeper, South Africa

What Customers Say !

“Keep up all your best, hard and smart work”

Barbara Kadous, USA

What Customers Say !

“It was fun buying on your website. The photos show everything in detail. If the goods sell well, I will visit you often.”

Linda Garrett, Canada

What Customers Say !

“Ich habe meine Bestellung heute und möchte nur sagen, dass ich mit Ihrem Service und Produkten war beindruckt. Die Produkte waren sehr gut verpackt und etikettiert und die Qualität der Waren ist erstaunlich. Jedenfalls wollte ich nur bei Ihnen bedanken."

Susie Thegelkamp, Germany

What Customers Say !

“Thank you so much for giving me additional information. I just sent it to the customs and the package was delivered this afternoon.”

Susan Purych, Canada

What Customers Say !

“I received your order this morning and have recommended your store to some of my friends. Although they are not in the jewelry business but still I loved to tell about your website.”

Rudy Viale, Denmark

What Customers Say !

“Thanks. Silverstarjewellery.com definitely has the biggest collecion of earings I have ever seen. Moreover, everthing is arranged in such a good way that you can select what you like very easily. Love you all---the best!”

Carjal Alvare, Costa Rica

What Customers Say !

“Dear G. Agarwal, thanks for the excelent customer service and products that your team has provided me for the whole one year. It’s time to take business to the next stage.”

Monica Fenton, USA

What Customers Say !

“In the beginning I was skeptic of buying something for business online from as far as India but when the goods arrived this afternoon well through the customs, I was more than happy.”

Anne Volkova, Latvia

What Customers Say !

“a big hug to everybody at silvestarjewellery, I have new customers added to my site because of your lovely jewelry. Have a wonderful New Year and thank you again”

Robert Krajcic, Australia

What Customers Say !

“I used to buy jewelry from Tucson and local suppliers in MA. I was told about you by my friend in Canada. This purchase has proved to me 30% cheaper including shipping if we compare the similar items and quality is definitely promising. Thanks. "

Pam costantino, USA

What Customers Say !

“Hello, customs in Latvia are crazy but your invoicing made it simple. It took just 1 day to clear the parcel from customs. Earlier I was buying from Italy and it took 5 days to clear up everything from customs. I plan to place new order soon. Thanks.”

Liega Nagla, Latvia

What Customers Say !

“I found a great supplier to deal with”

Janice Magnusen, USA

What Customers Say !

“Sorry, I am a crazy woman who asks many questions. I was answered by silverstarjewellery.com in a friendly manner. It impulsed me to buy from them. I run a small travel agency here in WA. I bought 50 pendants to gift my customers. They are all lovely."

Christina Beresford, USA

What Customers Say !

“Just wanted to say thank you for offeing items in such a user-friendly way. Very easy and simple browing on your website. I received my last weekend. Didn’t have chance to leave feedback for you early. Have a nice weekend.”

Belinda Surey, USA